Introducing Concrobium

All natural, completely safe to people, pets and plants, and provides not only removal of existing mold but also protects against new mold.

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Good Housekeeping   Get Rid of Mildew Fast!
Get rid of mold and mildew in a hurry with these tips from Good Housekeeping. 2007 Builders Show's technology expert lists Concrobium Mold Control as one of the most intriguing products he saw at the International Builders Show.  Expert Advice October 3, 2009
Leaky basement may also reveal a mould problem
Expert Advice January 10, 2009
Give bathroom mould the shove-off

Awards and Recognitions:

The Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval has been a symbol of product quality for almost a century, and we’re thrilled to have the seal on Concrobium Mold Control.

The Handyman Member Tested and Recommended distinction is given to those products that succeed testing by the Handy Club of America, a group of over one million avid do-it-yourselfers. They put Concrobium Mold Control to the test and gave it a whopping 93% approval rating.
It’s not easy being green. But we’ve worked hard to develop an environmentally responsible solution that’s effective against mold. Green Spec ( lists building products that are good for the planet and proven to work.
Concrobium Mold Control is safe enough for do-it-yourselfers but powerful enough for pros, as evidenced by the product’s recognition as a 2008 Builder Magazine Product of the Year. Builders and remodelers use Concrobium Mold Control to kill and prevent mold – and mold-related liabilities – on the job site.
. In March 2008, Home Improvement Executive, a recognized industry publication, polled Home Improvement retail executives to determine which mold-fighting product would be their solution of choice for the Spring season. The result: Concrobium Mold Control was the clear, #1 choice of respondents.
Concrobium Mold Control is a patented solution that kills and prevents mold in a way that no other product can claim – and does so with zero harmful chemicals. We guess that’s why the folks at Shelter Magazine – a homebuilder publication – awarded Concrobium Mold Control one of their 2008 Innovation awards.
The layman’s term for “nano” is really, really, really small – and that’s about the size of the mold micro-organisms that Concrobium Mold Control attacks and kills. Concrobium is a unique technology that operates at the cellular level – and that landed Concrobium Mold Control a Nano award in July, 2008.