Introducing Concrobium

All natural, completely safe to people, pets and plants, and provides not only removal of existing mold but also protects against new mold.

NEW Concrobium XT

We’ve helped our customers eradicate indoor mold … now we’re tackling outdoor mold, dirt and grime with a brand new product line called ConcrobiumXT (XT for “exterior” – get it?).

ConcrobiumXT consists of two brand new solutions: Eco-Wash and Mold Defense. Combined, they offer a powerful, environmentally responsible cleaning and protection system for all kinds of outdoor surfaces including: decks, patios, fences, railings, shakes, shingles, walkways, awnings and patio furniture.

Eco-Wash is a new outdoor cleaning solution that’s perfect for removing dirt and grime from outdoor surfaces like decks and patios. It’s also effective on mold and mildew stains. Best of all, it contains no bleach or other harmful chemicals so it’s safe for use around your lawn and plants (and your family!).

Once you’ve cleaned with Eco-Wash, apply Mold Defense to protect vulnerable exterior surfaces from mold and mildew stains. It’s easy to use, and contains no bleach, ammonia or VOCs.